It is a journey on how I started getting hair fall and how I brought life back to my hair by using Dr. CYJ Hair Filler.

At first, I would like you to know that I am not a medical doctor. I am just telling you my specific story, but if you are having some sort of medical issue that might be causing your hair loss then I highly recommend you really need to see a dermatologist first before getting into any of these procedures. Please note that Dr.Cyj Hair filler is not recommended for every patient.

My issues actually started a couple of years ago, but I really did not understand until recently. Probably about a year ago, I started to notice a huge difference in the density of my hair. Curly hair; it is easy to lose hair when you are brushing because we are not brushing every day. Curly hair usually stuck up and we wash it off to open the knots almost every day. I had curly hair my entire life so I know how much hair I typically lose when I wash my hair. But a year ago, it started above and beyond everything. It went double then triple and started increasing immeasurably. Before, I could figure out what was happening, one day saw chunk of hair on the bathroom floor after shower.

One Permanent Solution to all Hair Problems

I went to my doctor and I also told him about my concerns in the past. She mentioned Polycystic Ovary Syndrome back then so I had a number of medications for that. As it was the initial stage so I recovered from it. But it left some side effects and hair fall was one of them. My hair was losing day by day. There was nothing I could do in order to get my hair back. So I decided to use hair fillers. There are a number of different hair fillers but I specifically chose Dr.CYJ Hair Filler.

The hair loss occurs due to dehydration of hair roots. As a result, hair comes out and hair follicles due to loss of moisture close off permanently. Thus, the hair never grows back again. The best thing about these fillers is, they contain Hyaluronic Acid which makes the hair follicles grow back one more time and ultimately hair growth will increase.

I bought the product from They also provided a practitioner who made the surgery easy for me. It was bruising initially but I was able to see hair on my bald scalp within two weeks.

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