Our father died when I was 16, since then my mother has taken over the charge and all the responsibilities of the house. My younger sister was 6 years old when our dad left. My mother had gone through serious troubling days when she had to fight a war between how to take care of her children and how to give more time to them for their better brought up. When our father was with us, she used to be there for us 24/7.

My mother got an offer from a reputable firm but she was very much concerned about the fact that after she would not be joining her children for lunch every day and because of the tiring schedule she won’t be able to cook diner as well. Thus, all the responsibility of me and my younger sister’s diet lies wholly on me. Also, I am not a good cook and she did not want to sacrifice our health therefore she came up with a brilliant idea of Marley Spoon. She also gave me a Marley Spoon Coupon Code which saved me about $20 on thanksgiving box. You can also use that coupon code to buy food and drinks at really affordable cost.

This is an online meal ordering service where you can order your favorite meals. All the fresh vegetables and other ingredients with its easy to cooking recipe will be delivered to you at your provided address. The most important benefit of this service is that you will not get to face the hurdles of going to grocery stores and doing grocery for your kitchen. Plus you will be given step by step instructions of your chosen meal.

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First time I ordered meal from this store, I was very much nervous because I had less experience in cooking and exposure in kitchen. As soon as the meal box arrived, I checked out the ingredients. The box had exactly the amount which was required for 3 persons. Therefore no meal went wasted after the dinner. In addition to that, I was really impressed with their recipe idea, because the ingredients in the recipe were already there in the box so I had to put on fewer efforts in collecting them.

When mother came home from office, she couldn’t resist after smelling the food from kitchen. The dinner was extremely delicious. However, it took only 25 minutes to cook dinner for us. Marley Spoon has made our life exceptionally easy and most importantly, healthy.